Hi, I’m Adam

Hi, my name is Adam, nice to meet you!

I work with motivated dog owners to accomplish a bond behind those paws. There is an incredible relationship and understanding awaiting you hidden in dog training. Not all dog training is the same. Sure you can grab a bag of treats and have a magical relationship when the treats are out. How about in real life?

I spent the last several years perfecting this dog training system. From my first aggressive puppy Diesel, to my World famous Malinois Rocky. I want to show you everything I’ve learned.  From thousands of trained dogs, a book, a famous dog, and some gifts it’s my desire to teach you everything I know.

During my training career I learned a lot. The most important thing I learned is about how “energy” can be transformed. How dogs understand us on a level most don’t even understand themselves. More importantly I learned that each dog comes to us for a reason, but it’s our job to harness, nurture, and discover the limits.

It started with my pitbull Diesel. He was an aggressive puppy that showed up in my life when I wasn’t expecting it. I thought I knew dogs, but he had a different journey to show me. I took this puppy challenge, and started to tap into my inner dog skills. I had always been good with dogs, but I never tapped into it, I just went with it, helped friends, and always had trained dogs.

Diesel came on the whole journey with me to to learn

  • Puppy Training
  • Dog training
  • Aggression
  • Police/Protection Training
  • Advanced dog training
  • Scent Work
  • And Most Importantly People Trainng

Not only did I learn a lot about dogs, I learned how to break it down for anyone. If they wanted to. Dog training like most things is simple, but not easy. To get results you have to work it. When you start teaching dogs “work” for life, and show them how to behave(set up patterns) You get a dog connection you can’t even fatham.

What happend next is I got my World Famous Police Dog Rocky. He was a gift from God. Like an artist this dog was a blank canvas that was able and willing to do anything I wanted. So I started to use my training, energy, and gift, to raise and train a super dog. He is a true testament of what having a dog can be like.

“Pet dogs and Trained dogs is another world”
Learn From Me!

After Training Rocky, Diesel, and hundreds of others I decided to put everything I learned down on paper. After a few years I actually wrote a book, but more importantly was able to write something that created value in the world. Everything I learned was out, it worked, and it was helping people all over the world.

As I kept training, my skills got better as well. I started to understand dogs on a soul level. I got really good at training dogs, but I had a limit market besides my book, so I embarked on a journey to share all my content via online vidoes, the book, and even mobile app.

These video courses are not easy, but since I knew I had “something” special I was compelled to do them. After thousands of hours, now dog owners can watch everything as a break it down via online videos.



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