Are there secrets to dog training?

Are there any secrets to dog training? Secrets, techniques, tips, it all comes down to learning what works best for you and your dog. Every team is different however there have been 5 tips that I have seen make a huge different in developing a strong connection and raising a super dog.

  1. The art of the walk. I call these leader walks where I train by giving the dog obedience and tricks on our walks with rewards like treats, toys, balls, and ultimately you! When you train on walks you train the mind and the body good things.
  2. Have your dog work for everything. If they like ball, frisbee or treats, make it an excercise to make your dog work. Dogs like to work, and need it. Mind as well make your dog sit, down, stay, for a quick 5-10 minute routine. This works great!
  3. Make your dog look at you for release or to get your reward. A few ways to do that is to make your dog look at you at exits/entries, before they can bolt off. This establishes leadership, and boundaries at the same time. Make your dog look at you before getting their reward, or if they do, mark it and reward it. Reward what you want more of.
  4. Change in direction. If your dog is pulling on the leash stop, do a 90 degree turn, say heel, and change direction. The dog is probably doing to do it again, wait till their in front stop, (doesn’t have to be aburtly) and do a 90 degree turn. After 2-5 minutes your dog should start to follow your lead.
  5. Treadmills are awesome. Sometimes we don’t have it in us, or life gets in the way, but your dog still needs to go outside. Teach them to go on the tread mill. To do that, at first turn it on and off for a few days, then put them on it here and there by luring with a treat when its off. Next get some high value treats like hot, dog and a leash, start slow and give how dogs, stop after 5 secs, then 10, 30 secs, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. but first start off slow the secret is for them to want it more.

Call it secrets or some golden tips. Do these and you will master your dog. For more help check out the course or book.

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