Have you ever wanted a SuperDog?

What the heck is a SuperDog?

You know Lassie, Max, or even Rocky. A dog that not only loves you, but works for you. They will do tricks, go off leash, bring you things, alert you to take your medication, and even protect you.. dogs that are more than just pets.

For most people pets that pull them down the street is fine, and so should be fine, but I’m here to tell you about such a relationship. Dogs come to us for a reason, but its up to us to harness and find out why. You can do so through dog training. After all it’s a perfect way to teach your dog how “you speak”

What is dog training anyway? We are just pairing words with actions or double actions. It can be in different languages, words, hand signals, whistles and more. The secret is finding out what drives the dog, and teaching them “the game”. “You want this?” Do this. When you can do this where the dog loves it you creat work. Dogs love to work.

They aren’t born that way

No they don’t just come like that. So arises the great question nature vs. nurture and I have to go with nurture every time. A dog is only as smart as you teach it to be so. Sure some have more to work with, but you have to work them.

That might the only thing that you should consider. Once you raise and train a super dog, they are there for you for life. They will come with you to the bathroom, require daily challenges/walks, and be there till you die. So superdogs require super commitments

What makes a dog super

It’s the ability to understand. The ability to be trained to work. A super dog goes beyond a leash. A super dog will go down/stay while you go to the bathroom. A super dog understands tricks. Tricks/mental obeidence is more than “a cute” thing, it is required to keep the dog sharp.

Once the dogs “understand you” with/without treats and equipment you start to forge the role of Superdog. They will go anywhere do anything, not because you make them, but because they want to. These super dogs are often soul dogs, sent to challenge us and get us off life and into the world.

Where can I get one?

It took me a long time to understand the best way to train dogs.  However over the last several years I have figured it out. My training system works really well, especially if you want to train/owen a dog with drive. Channel the drive and they will do anything you want.

It’s about teaching the game. Building drive if need be. Show them how to work for life, on walks, and in life, teach them how to do the 8 basic commands, a bunch of different games/tricks. Figure out their passion and make them work for it.  Teach them the game of life. Its more fun to be with you.

All this is covered in my MasterPaw dog training system with over 60 videos. It is how I train my famous dogs, and how I trained my world famous dog Rocky. You can check it out anywhere in the world. 🙂

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