How Do You Teach A Dog To Skateboard

It’s easier than you think. All hard tricks/commands are always broken down into smaller ones. I will walk you through the micro steps in this post 🙂

  1. I got the Diesel comfortable early on. I think this is important if you want to make sure. I don’t know if D would have been able to learn this trick later on, because of the amount of confidence.
  2. At first I took baby D and just put him on the board. treat, treat, treat.
  3. Next I wanted to start teaching his body before his mind so I started luring him as if he would be jumping on the board. You want to keep sessions really short
  4. Next I got him comfortable with being on the board by tieing a string to the board and having him just stay on, and start to learn the “art of balance”
  5. I put in a verbal to to go on, off, and turn around. Any trick is just about teaching the dog what an action is, and paring it with word. 😉 (Keep it really short so your dog still wants to keep going!!)
  6. Next I taught him the “push command” by helping him off the board and having him push with 2 paws as I kept something in front of him, at first reward a few pushes then 10 later on! Mark it with a word ” push” Your teaching your little buddy to take cues. On, off, push.
  7. After that you want to help him to understand “turining” to do that wave a treat/or reward (ball or tug) on the left, then the right, help him understand to turn.
  8. Again, the secret it is to keep these sessions short. have your dog on leash at first, and make sure to have fun. This should take you like 6 months so start and reward micros. Enjoy the journey.

Tip! Use a long board to sustain better balance with thick wheels 🙂 . Want more tips? Join the newsletter!!